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Green Fellas offer experienced and fully covered tree surgery in Shieldfield and the North East for commercial and private clients. Our fully trained tree surgeons specialise in garden & woodland tree work, as well as large garden hedges.

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Tree Surgeon Shieldfield – Our Services

Tree Pruning:Tree Surgeon Shieldfield

LIFTING – Is the pruning operation to raise the crown / canopy of a tree. It includes pruning or the removal of branches to boost the distance from the base of the canopy and the ground. It is generally carried out to improve access to or provide visibility under the canopy.

THINNING – This is the reduction in the denseness of the crown. This operation would not normally be completed on conifers, and so is normally limited to deciduous broadleaf trees. Trees may be crowned thinned to reduce damage that can derive from crown resistance to strong winds. Crown thinning can also be carried out to admit more and light into and through the canopy.

DEADWOODING – This is removing deadwood from the trees and is generally carried out for cosmetic and of course safety reasons.

CLEANING OUT – This includes removing dead, diseased, harmed, weak and crossing branches. Epicormic development and watershoots can also be removed. Cleaning out also entails removing foriegn objects and climbing vegetation such as Ivy.

Tree Felling:

When necessary, there are 2 ways of doing this.

DISMANTTree Surgeon ShieldfieldLTLING OR DIRECTIONAL FELLING – Very often space is bound and the tree must be taken down part by part. If the region below the tree is clear from obstructions small cut branches can be allowed to fall to the bottom. When branches are large and heavy then ropes must be used.


DIRECTIONAL FELLING – Where space and safety permit the tree can then be felled in one piece.

Stump Removal/Grinding:

STUMPS – Stumps of any size can be removed cleanly and proficiently using our specialist stump grinding equipment. The tree stump is ground down, normally to a depth of between 6″ to 10″ below the ground, this may be deeper depending on the needs you have.

The opening is then filled back up using the grindings and extra is piled back onto the the hole.

Hedge Cutting:

HEDGE CUTTING AND TRIMMING – We are able to undertake all types of hedges to be trimmed or lowered in height. This will increase the appearance of your hedge and possibly let more light into your garden. Because of the selection of equipment we have, all sizes of hedges can be tackled.